5 Nigerian crossdressers whose beauty surpass most ladies

Nigerian crossdressers
Nigerian cross-dressers whose beauty surpass most ladies

Gone are the days when fashion used to be reserved only for girls as some men – cross-dressers – are now giving other ladies a tough time with their beauty.

Many times, some people who are unaware of mistake these men for young ladies and probably shoot their shot in the DMs.

Today we would be looking at 5 males on social media who are giving ladies a run for their beauty.

  1. Bobrisky
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This is perhaps the most popular person on this list. The young man evolved from being scorned and shamed to being one of the most popular influencers in the country.


Bob has been known to talk about his famous bae and how he is rich enough to foot all his bills. Another thing Bob is famous for is his stunning looks. He definitely makes a lot of ladies pale in comparison to him.

  1. James Brown
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This is one newbie on the social media scene who has also gained quite a lot of popularity. The young man became famous after his run-in with the police where he was arrested under suspicion of being gay.

James Brown
James Brown

Despite that, he has grown his social media platform and now brazenly dresses like a female as he entertains his fans.

  1. Jay Buggati
Jay Buggati
Jay Buggati

This is another cross-dresser in town who showcases his femininity on social media.

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4: Jay Boogie

Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie

This Port-Harcourt based young man left many people in surprise when they discovered he was not actually a lady. His spotless skin and curvy body make him pass off as a very pretty lady.

  1. Bryan Nwakoro
Bryan Nwakoro
Bryan Nwakoro

This is a new cross-dresser in town and he seems ready to go for Bobrisky’s crown. Just like Bobrisky, Bryan dresses like a female and fashionably too.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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