I Collapsed For 3 Days Before Going ‘Mad’ On Social Media – Funny Face

Funny Face Will Go Mad Before June – Pastor Prince Elisha
Funny Face Will Go Mad Before June – Pastor Prince Elisha

Ghanaian Comic actor Funny Face has disclosed reason he went on social media to wash the dirty linens of his colleagues on social media.

According to him, he went blackout for 3 days because he harboured so many things in him for long and saw the need to talk or die. He stated that after he regained consciousness was when he went haywire on social media to talk about everything he has been keeping within for long.

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A few days ago, Funny Face spewed everything he knew about actor Lil Win, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke ranging from how they envy him as well as some of them cheating with his woman.

Many social media users thought he was depressed and needed attention but the actor has boldly come out to give his reason for his action. He made this revelation in a post on Instagram.

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@funnyfansofficial pls never forget dis 3 people in ur prayers .. the more u pray for them da bigger ur blessing .. my soul is connected to dem .. so when u bless dem .. u bless me .. the spirit of my twin daughters my #ELLAandBELLA follow you all @funnyfansofficial and make u guys successful .. pls share this so BOLA and ADEBAYOR see this .. I went black out 3 days ago .. for 3 hours .. cos I was under pressure too much .. I have haboured soo many things in me for far too long .. I just had to talk or I DIE 🙏😢 I almost died .. when I regained consciousness dats why I went HAY WIRE 😡 I wont die and live my children behind for dis crazy world .. atleast I have to place dem somewhere in life before I DIE 🙏 .. for my mother Beatrice Safoah Boateng … “ Auntie Bee didi wati .. na sesei y3 ni ohia me asem biom “ ❤️🙏 love u mum .. @e_adebayor as for u … you know it already .. I would have been a fool if I did not name my twin daughters after you .. @bolarayofficial .. they have no idea of our history .. two JEHOVAH WITNESSES who finds their way into Ghana showbiz 🇬🇭✊ .. we have to battle through our emotions to save our lives in dis fake industry .. Bola u came through for me bro .. I would have gone HAY WIRE on somebody 😅💃 .. BOLA RAY to show u .. how much I appreciate what u did .. I will name my next child after you .. NATHANIEL KWABENA ADDISI .. a.k.a BOLAS .. and to my manager @iamgenesis_gmp .. bro tanx for being der for me always .. and to @funnyfansofficial .. you are abt to chop mobile money and more credit 😀🙏 THE ORIGINAL KING🤴has taking HIS THRONE .. just say “ FIIM FIIM “ 😀🙏🇬🇭😂 .. GOD BLESS YOU ALL .. KASOA VANDAMMME “ EI GO OVER YOU “

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