Important Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking More Than One Wife

why you should marry two wives
why you should marry two wives

Many people are of the view that every man is entitled to one wife. Most of these people base their arguments on the Bible and will delve in it so give several biblical quotations to buttress their points.

However, someone may also argue that most of the great men in the Bible had more than one wife. Some of these men are Solomon, David, Jacob, and Abraham.

These men, despite defying the logic that a man is entitled to one lady went on to become the most important personalities in the Bible.

I guess you might be asking why all these men become great after their promiscuous lives. I think the problem isn’t about the number of wives but how you can balance your time for all these women.

I think if a man wants to legally marry more than one wife, he should be allowed to as this will help him to on his family rather than cheating outside his marriage.

I am of the view that legally getting married to multiple wives is better than sleeping with numerous ladies without marrying which in turn is a great sin in the sight of God.

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com