My Girlfriend Broke My Heart By Marrying My Uncle As Payback – Man Cries Out

Man Crying
Man Crying

A Nigerian man has shared the hilarious turn out of events that followed after he broke up with his girlfriend.

According to the man identified as @VictorIsrael_, after breaking up, she somehow found herself getting hooked and married to his uncle who happens to be rich. He further revealed how she indirectly makes references to the poor life she was subjected to living while with him.

She apparently made this reference during family meetings which require the presence of his rich and uncle and by extension, his wife – which is the young man’s ex.

In his words:

“A year after I broke up with my girlfriend, she went ahead & married my rich uncle. Whenever we are in a family meeting & she wants to say something, she starts her statement with “When I was at my Lowest, especially days when I lived in Ikotun”. That’s where I’m still living.”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com