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Public NOTICE: TV Stations In Ghana That Show ‘P. 0. n0’ – Is NCA Aware of This Menace?

pono TV stations in Ghana
pono TV stations in Ghana

am saddened by the manner in which the National Communications Authority (NCA) turns to let some unwarranted stuff happen on various satellite television stations across Ghana.

We are in country where spiritualists and scammers have taken over our TV stations for purposes that do not add anything to national development but train the next generation how to acquire money via short cuts. 

The truth is, it has been the call of many Ghanaians to stop and ban these mobile money doublers or to say scammers from our television, but the various calls haven’t yielded any positive results. 

Now, it seems everyone can show whatever pleases him or her as far as he or she owns a television station and it is in this regard that a television station in Ghana which goes by the name Obour TV shows adults movies at every night. 

It worries me in the sense that television is not a close medium and children can access it at any point in time in today’s world so it is highly wrong for a television station to show adult movies at 11:00PM.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com