Video: Shatta Wale and Beyoncé “Already” video was photoshopped – Pope Skinny exposes Shatta

Shatta Wale video with Beyonce was photoshopped
Shatta Wale has never met Beyoncé in person, the “Already” video was photoshopped – Pope Skinny

Shatta Wale has been the man of the moment largely due to his collaboration with Beyoncé. Consequently, Shatta has been applauded by Ghanaians for putting Ghana on the global market.

Well in a new development, Shatta Wale’s former bestie Pope Skinny has made some wild allegations about Shatta Wale and the video.

To the best knowledge and experice of Pope Skinny in a video available to The BBC Ghana, Shatta Wale’s music video with Beyoncé was a big lie as Shatta Wale has never met Beyoncé in person.

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He also alleged that Beyoncé was never in Ghana even though she confirmed it in a recent interview that she was indeed in Ghana to shoot part of the music video.

“Ghanaians should stop hailing Shatta Wale. His video with Beyoncé is fake…Shatta Wale was photoshopped into the music video because Beyoncé never came to Ghana.
“I know what I am saying, Shatta Wale has deceived you guys. When you analyse the video you will see that the popular dance group “Dancegodloyd” never travelled abroad. They only danced to the song and were photoshopped into the music video. Shatta Wale should stop deceiving Ghanaians!” Pope Skinny said.

Pope Skinny furthered that he has been in New York since last year and he knows for a fact that Shatta Wale faked the whole music video to get hype from Ghanaians.

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Video Below:


Source: TheBBCghana.Com