Video: The God mentioned in the Bible and Quran is fake – Avram Ben Moshe defends

Avram Ben Moshe
Avram Ben Moshe

A former religiously notorious turned apostate for obvious reasons, Avram Ben Moshe had earlier told his followers to throw their Bibles away because it contained no sense.

Avram Ben Moshe seeks to enlighten people about the lies and deceit being told for the past centuries by pastors and preachers all in the name of getting people to live with God in a place called Heaven.

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Now, Avram Ben Moshe of Common Sense Family fame has envisaged that God although exist but not the one in the White invented book called Bible!

To his best knowledge and experience, the God as told in the Bible is so limited compared to the God who created the universe. Therefore, if you are a critical thinker out here, it’s high time you considered dumping the Biblical and Qur’anic Gods!

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