20 Biblical Facts About Tithes Your Pastor Will Never Tell You Else You’ll Stop Paying

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Pastor Mensah Otabil

Tithing still remains one of the most debatable topics within the realms of Christianity. It’s a fact that pastors’ prey on the gullibility of their congregants, aptly backed by their shallow minds to squeeze their hard-earned money from them by quoting obsolete scriptures to carry out their schemes.

There are several verses in the Bible that show Christians- followers of Christ are not mandated to pay tithes. But interestingly, these same Christians allow their pastors whom they hold as demigods to interpret the verses for them.

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These pastors consequently bully their minds and ultimately make them part ways with their money under the flimsy premise that they are helping God’s work.

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See below for verse in the Bible that clearly shows Christians are not supposed to pay tithes. Be informed and liberate yourself from mental slavery.

  1. The local church does not replace the temple.
  2. Know ye not that you are the temple of God, not your building! (1 Cor 3:16).
  3. The church does not observe required feast day celebrations.
  4. It was three times a year in Deut 16:16. At certain feast days is where the tithes would be offered. One tithe even allowed you to stay home and spend it on what you desired (Deut 14:26).
  5. Law tithing requirements were greater than 10 percent.
  6. Deut 14:28 is one example of the tithe on the increase every 3 years that was above the regular Levitical tithe. There are other required offerings also according to Mal 3:9.
  7. Physical blessings are no longer granted.
  8. The law tithe taught physical blessings to Israel from God for tithing (Mal 3:10). Without a covenant with God, a priesthood, a promise, or a temple tithing for profit will not work.
  9. Christ has given the church all spiritual blessings.
  10. Those blessings are in heavenly places in Christ (Eph1:3).
  11. God provides all our needs without tithing.
  12. Phil 4:19 says your needs are supplied according to his riches in glory in Christ. What you need is not physical it is spiritual.
  13. Law tithing obligates the doer to the entire law – Gal 5:3, James 2:10.
  14. Peace with God is attained without tithing – Romans 5:1.
  15. We work to provide for our needs in this dispensation.
  16. Paul makes it clear that if we don’t work, we don’t eat (2 Thess 3:10). Mat 6:11 and Mal 3:10 are not effective today. If we do not provide for our own today, we are “worse than an infidel” (1 Tim 5:8).
  17. Giving today is not “of necessity” (2 Cor 9:7). This is an important distinction between generosity and obligation.
  18. The law tithe places you under a curse.
  19. Christ has redeemed you from the law of tithing.
  20. Christ has redeemed you from the law of tithing.
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Source: TheBBCghana.com

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