Accra Poly girl, Okpo Tyre who posed as a lawyer on Facebook exposed

Okpo Tyre
Okpo Tyre

There was a crazy drama on Facebook over the weekend when a lady who has been posing as a lawyer on the social media platform, Facebook, and is popular for bullying and intimidating people was exposed as a fake lawyer.

The young lady who goes by the name Okpo Tyre is notorious for flexing her lawyer muscles and hundreds of Ghanaians had a lot to share about how she intimidated them with her law status.

Okpo Tyre
Okpo Tyre

In fact, she is one of the most famous Facebook ladies in Ghana because of how young she is as a lawyer and how verbal she was on the app.

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It, therefore, came as a shock to all and sundry when it came to light that the lady in question is actually not a lawyer. In fact, it’s been revealed she comes nowhere close to the status of a lawyer that she has been throwing around.

From what we have gathered, Okpo Tyre is actually a graduate of Accra Polytechnic (Now, Accra Technical University). She is a 2018/2019 graduate who studied Procurement.

Accra Poly graduate, Okpo Tyre busted for faking as a lawyer
Accra Poly graduate, Okpo Tyre busted for faking as a lawyer

Okpo Tyre started flexing her muscles and labelled herself as a lawyer in January 2020 when she shared a photo of a lady in her legal outfit and claimed to be her. She was congratulated by many and described “Young and intelligent” by her thousands of followers.

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Okpo Tyre did not end there, she even described herself as a barrister, and everyone started describing her with the prestigious status.

Okpo Tyre's Facebook profile
Okpo Tyre’s Facebook profile

But it has now been revealed that the lady in the picture despite the resemblance is actually a Nigerian Barrister who goes by the name @cheeomaah on Instagram.

@cheeomah is actually a barrister and solicitor at the supreme court of Nigeria. She is a lawyer at Solohan and Co. and her photos were shared on the legal firm’s Instagram page where Okpo Tyre stole them and impersonated her.

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@cheeomaah, the lawyer Okpo Tyre impersonated
@cheeomaah, the lawyer Okpo Tyre impersonated

Ever since she was exposed, all the people she intimated and bullied are trolling her crazily on Facebook and she has now deactivated her account.

But The BBC Ghana is now reliably informed the Legal aid and Ghana Bar association is investigating this alleged impersonation by the Accra Poly graduate, Okpo Tyre. The BBC Ghana is monitoring and we will keep you updated.

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com