Actor Wayoosi sparks g@y rumours as he dresses like a lady

Actor Wayoosi dress like lady
Actor Wayoosi dress like lady

Wayoosi, a Ghanaian Kumawood performer who has won several awards, has created quite a stir in the internet sphere of his own country.

In these peculiar photographs, the seasoned actor may be seen disguised as a woman in a specialized “Kaba and slit.”

Wayoosi attempted to give the impression that he was more feminine by applying a lot of cosmetics on his face. In order to complete his portrayal of a female, Wayoosi also sported a wig.

Despite the fact that the artwork was designed to provoke laughter, some people in Ghana feel that it supports the contentious LGBTQ+ movement.

According to the opinions of a number of people on social media, Wayoozi, who is a celebrity should not perform his gender transition by dressing as a woman.

We can only hope that Wayoosi would respond to these “trumu trumu” allegations as soon as possible, before his good reputation is sullied.

Look at the picture below here:


Actor Wayoosi

Source: TheBBcghana.Com

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