Beware These Behaviours Are Gradually Damaging Your Kidney

Health workers
Health workers

There are some things we all do but they know the side consequences of it. The kidney is a very vital part of our body and needs to be well cared for.

Below are some of the various things we do that is gradually destroying our kidney

1. Not drinking enough water

Taking a lot of water is one of the best things you can do for your entire body especially your kidney. 70% of the entire body is made of water. Taking a lot of water aids in eliminating many kidney diseases especially kidney stones. Whenever you discover you are testy, just take up water and drink even if you are fasting because the importance of water to our health cannot be overemphasized.

2. Drinking too many colas

Water has no substitute. Stop taking aerated and carbonated drinks as a substitute for water. Research has proven that a high rate of consumption of carbonated drinks is associated with high risks of developing kidney diseases.

3. Drinking too much alcohol

Carbonated drinks are not the only beverage that damages the kidney, alcohols do too. As you know the sole function of the kidney is removing toxins from the body but taking excess of alcohol weakens the kidney thus leading to the development of other kidney diseases.

4. Holding your pee

For those that do this for the fallacious reason for training your bladder to be stronger, this is wrong and has many health effects. Research has proven that holding your urine in your bladder may cause bacteria to multiply faster and is one of the major causes of kidney infections.

5. Overusing painkillers

Using an excess of pain killers like Asprin or ibuprofen could harm your kidneys. This can also accelerate kidney problem in those that already have it. Hence doctors have recommended never to engage in excessive consumption of pain killers.

6. Sitting too much

Exercise and physical activity are great for the body and so sitting too long or staying idol for long has effects on you.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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