Big Win for Jaywillz as His Song “Olelelele” Features In Bosco Movie Sound Track

Big Win for Jaywillz as His Song
Big Win for Jaywillz as His Song "Olelelele” Features In Bosco Movie Sound Track

After a major breakthrough in the music scene, Jaywillz has steadily risen to fame, establishing himself as a household name.

He now finds himself collaborating with global artists such as French Montana, DDG, The Game, and Snoop Dogg, brought together by Bosco Soundtrack to create a scintillating piece titled “Olelelele.”

“Olelelele” is a motivational Afrobeat song that mirrors the inspiring story of the Bosco movie. Jaywillz showcases his craft and superior songwriting, singing from the perspective of the movie’s protagonist and vividly depicting the character’s hustle and struggles.


 Both motivational and danceable, “Olelelele” excels with its bouncy, melodious instrumental and smooth, well-aligned vocals. The song aims to take center stage in the global, ever-rising Afrobeat genre.

It’s no surprise to hear such a classic from Jaywillz, as it highlights his specialty. The song hints at his artistic direction with lyrics like, “I’m on the road I’m almost there, Olelelele.”

After hearing this masterpiece, it’s clear that this Afrobeat gem is on the verge of joining the ranks of the genre’s most celebrated artists.


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