Church Robbery: Religion Is The Opium Of Ghanaians

Impregnating Your Wife Is A Sin, Ask God For Forgiveness — Preacher Says
Impregnating Your Wife Is A Sin, Ask God For Forgiveness — Preacher Says

Prophets and prophetess over the last decade have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that their work is more of illusions than missions. It turned to be more of humor when one is watching and listening to them. They own almost all the television stations that we have in this country. Their works are more of magic and not of miraculous manifestations of God.

These false prophets have invaded and captivated the minds of the ignorant congregation. Their gospel is fabricated with perpetuated falsehood even though it sounds authentic. Their miracles appear to be illusions because they are more of a magical trend than with Biblical authority.

In religion, a false prophet is one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration, or the one who uses that gift for evil ends ( luxury). Often, someone who is considered a “true prophet ” by some people is simultaneously considered a ” false prophet ” by others, even within the same religion as the ” prophet ” in question. The “Big Question” is that, who is a false prophet?

Money is said to be the root of all evil, why then do pastors and prophets today do entirely everything on the basis of money. The proposal to tax these churches needs not to kick against.

Because of the way the word “prophet” is commonly used, there is a misconception that its basic definition and function is “someone who foretells the future,” but this definition is too narrow. However, the prophet’s essential role according to biblical studies denotes, “one who speaks for another.” A true prophet, then, is a person who speaks for God, delivering a message that God has ordained him to give. The words a prophet spoke on God’s behalf were, in fact, foretelling what would happen later.

However, the prophet’s essential role was to speak for God, regardless of whether he did any predictions of the future. A prophet expresses the will of God in words, and sometimes he uses signs and wonders to back up what he says and to demonstrate God’s power behind it. In a similar way, a false prophet also may not be in the business of foretelling the future. A false prophet is simply someone who speaks for another but falsely.

False prophets either speak for the wrong god, or they claim to have heard from the true God but do not accurately represent Him or His words. At the very least, they speak out of their own human hearts, but more likely, the “god” they are speaking for is really a demon. If one wants to laugh when afflicted, I suggest this perfect remedy. Tune in to any radio station between the hours of 11 p.m to 4 a.m each day and you will be in my shoes. They are more than advertisers than pastors. I wonder whom they advertise for. God or Satan?

They deem it because they are signs of the time pointing to the soon return of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul echoed the Lord’s warning when he spoke to the elders of the church in Ephesus. When I was listening to one of these numerous prophets, he asserted that he is the nation’s Prophet number one. I was wondering since when?

So by what standard should one use as a yardstick in ‘trying’ to identify a false prophet or otherwise. God gives us a standard by which to measure the words of a prophet: the law and testimony—

His Word. If the prophet’s message contradicts what is already established as God’s Word, it is evidence that he lacks spiritual understanding. If his words do not line up with God’s law and testimony, he is not speaking the truth.

The conduct and behaviors of our Prophets and Prophetess today pose a threat to the unsaved ones and those who’re in the kingdom. Mary who gave birth to Jesus didn’t receive the financial benefits that are accruing into the pockets of our contemporary prophets, all in the name of the pseudo-miracles as a technique used in deceiving the masses. However, the congregation needs to be blamed.

Ask yourself, is material wealth a guarantee to eternal salvation? Was the pacesetter ( Jesus Christ ) focused on materialism or salvation? Has any of these prophets been able to predict one’s salvation? If not why shouldn’t we seek the truth rather than material things? Sadly, the majority of contemporary congregation jump from church to church in the pursuit of prophecies and better lives without seeking for eternal salvation.

The congregation does not take time to read the Holy Book which serves as a weapon to Christians. With this mindset, what do you expect from the prophets and prophetess? They’ll definitely prophesy lies and extort material things from the congregation and cover it up in the name of God.

Christians should be more salvation conscious than material conscious because salvation comes only by obeying God’s word but not by amassing wealth. Thus, Christians should be salvation seekers rather than fortune seekers and this will go a long way to change the growing trend in order to be in line with the biblical meaning of Prophethood as portrayed by Prophet Jeremiah, Moses, Isaiah, and the pious ones.

I am with the phobia that they might appear in my dreams or may come to me with their father – Jesus, in the form only known to them and if I am guilty of any offense, they’ll bite me with a poison that cannot alter against the chemistry of my body.
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