CHY Mall Will Collapse Just Like MenzGold After December 7 Elections – Nana Adawu Dadzi

I don’t owe any Ghanaian money; it’s Menzgold that owes – NAM1 breaks silence
I don’t owe any Ghanaian money; it’s Menzgold that owes – NAM1 breaks silence

Despite the numerous falls and collapse of e-commerce or to say Ponzi schemes that have threatened to collapse many businesses and also rendered many Ghanaians poor, some number of Ghanaians still participate and invest in such schemes. 

MenzGold, GoldMall, Gold Coast Security, Sarui Mall among others came into the country and collapsed but Ghanaians are still not learning their lessons as they invest in these untrusted means of investments that turn to give huge interest rates for their triangular plots.

CHY Mall is one of several companies of the partnership between Sairui Holdings Group portfolio founded by Zhang Yuan who is also the current chairman and CHY (Century Hen Yue) group founded by Ben Chah from Malaysia. The sad aspect of this is that Malaysians don’t even recognize this e-commerce.

Is the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) aware of this and have they approved it to be in Ghana?

They confuse people by believing you don’t refer, unlike others that came and collapsed but in reality it is false.

The truth many Ghanaians don’t know is that this new dimension is not too far or to say different from MenzGold and other scams that came into existence.

One thing is these people behind the idea make it look genuine thereby not relating it to Ponzi schemes.

Many Ghanaians have capital that ranges but its unfortunate business development centres are not available in the country hence they tend to invest in these so-called online e-commerce sites they don’t actually know the source.

According to a Canadian-based Ghanaian business expert, Nana Adawu Dadzi, the new Ponzi scheme CHY Mall will collapse just after the December 7 elections.

“CHY Mall will collapse just after the December 7 elections and it will interest you to know that the NPP government will do nothing to help the defunct customers just like it happened to MenzGold customers…” he said.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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