“Don’t marry if you’re a jobless” – Counsellor Linda Andoh warns ladies

Counsellor Linda Andoh warns GH ladies
Counsellor Linda Andoh warns GH ladies

Linda Andoh, a public relations expert, advised women not to enter marriage expecting to be fully dependent on their partners.

She believes that a woman should be financially independent before engaging in a partnership.

“Some people believe it’s the man’s job to take care of them, but every woman has to be self-sufficient before marriage,” she stated.

On Wednesday’s Strong and Sassy program on Joy FM, she stated this.

Mrs. Andoh believes that a woman who cannot financially support herself or care for her own needs is not suitable for marriage.

“I dislike ladies who believe it is the man’s duty to take care of me. Yes, the guy is responsible, but what happens if he can’t take care of you

“He may be the wealthiest guy, but what happens when he leaves?”

She cited a friend who faced grave repercussions for not financially securing herself in marriage.

In order to have children, she had to give up her career due to the physical toll it was taking on her, as suggested by her physicians.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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