Dr Kwaku Oteng Should Be Castrated To Prevent Him From Womanizing – Netizens

Dr Kwaku Oteng should be castrated
Dr Kwaku Oteng should be castrated

From all indications, the chronic womanizing lifestyle of Dr. Kwaku Oteng is really disturbing and has become a subject of discussion among Ghanaian netizens.

The truth for the past years is, every news that comes from the camp of Dr Kwaku Oteng has been centred on the Adonko rich man impregnating another woman.

As we speak, he has about 6 wives to his credit excluding his side chicks. And we don’t know if the strength of the devil between his legs is causing all these messes.

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From what we have gathered on social media, netizens suggest Dr Kwaku Oteng should be castrated for the next 7 years so he can allow the ladies to grow and also leave the young ladies in the hands of UCC, KNUST and UG graduates.

Following social media commentary, what pisses most of them especially the guys is the age of ladies’ Dr Kwaku Oteng keep impregnating and bonking vis-à-vis his real age – remember Dr Kwaku Oteng is over 60.

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So, to them, the only thing that will make the Adonko rich man slowdown is castration. For the purpose of clarity, castration is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which an individual loses the use of the testicles.

According to some Netizens on social media, Dr Kwaku Oteng has been using his wealth to deceive young ladies and it’s about time it stopped and the only way that can happen is for him to be castrated.

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As castrating him will keep his pants zipped up for life which won’t be such a bad idea. Besides, it’ll go a long way to help Akua GMB and the remaining wives have their peace of mind.