Efia Odo’s #FixTheCountry campaign will be Cos90 because of her lifestyle – Ruthy

Efia Odo’s #FixTheCountry campaign will be Cos90 because of her lifestyle – Ruthy

The #FixTheCountry hashtag has dominated headlines in the past week. This is been advanced by disgruntled Ghanaians – mostly youth who says their leaders have failed them.

This movement, which has gained support from all quarters of the political divide, led to resolve for some protests on the streets of Accra on May 9 although the protest didn’t come off due to injunction.

The agenda is been spearhead by Ghana’s finest social media sensation in the person of Efia Odo born Andrea Owusu. But from the look of things, Efia Odo and his cohorts won’t achieve their aim to #FixTheCountry”, Nhyira FM’s Ruthy has envisaged.

According to Ruthy who is a showbiz critic on the Nhyira Fm Entertainment Power Show, the lifestyle of the Efia Odo who is acting as #FixTheCountry ambassador will render the aim of the movement Cos 90!

Taking to her official Facebook page, Ruthy wrote,

“Quick One:
“After several years spent outside Ghana, Efia Odo’s introduction into the creative art space has always been linked to “indecent exposure or inappropriate outfit by an actress”!
“So, it’s no surprise that the genuineness of her plea in the ongoing #FixTheCountry campaign has been sidelined as most Ghanaians including some politicians questioning the “moral lifestyle” of Efia Odo instead of the situation at hand.
“Remember that in our community or society, we place much value on the “acceptable culture” in all our dealings.
“Although Efia Odo isn’t far from right for churning out her displeasure in the incumbent NPP’s administration via #FixTheCountry mantra.
“Going forward, I advise all celebs and “wanna be celebs” to live a decent life since they are role models” for young ones and might raise the genuine concern of Ghanaian problem but their outward character will be scrutinized first as in the case of Efia Odo.
“To conclude, I’m afraid Efia Odo’s #FixTheCountry campaign will be Cos90 because of her lifestyle…”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com