Final year students of JHS, SHS and Universities ready for school – Prez Akufo Addo

Double Track system
Double Track system will end before 2024 – Akufo Addo

All final year students of Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools and Tertiary Institutions are free to go back to school from the middle of June 2020.

This was announced by President Akufo Addo while updating the public on COVID-19 for the 10th time.

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According to him, all students who do not fall under these categories are still mandated to stay at home until further notice.

He also ordered the schools to be disinfected and ensure that classes do not contain more than 30 persons.

“From Monday, 15th June 2020, the decision has been taken, after engagement with the Teacher Unions, whose co-operation I salute, to reopen schools and universities to allow for final-year junior high, senior high and university students to resume classes ahead of the conduct of their respective exit examinations. Indeed, final year university students are to report to their universities on 15th June; final year senior high school (SHS 3) students, together with SHS 2 Gold Track students, on 22nd June; and final-year junior high school (JHS 3) students on 29th June. JHS 3 classes will comprise a maximum of thirty (30) students; SHS classes a maximum of twenty-five (25) students, and University lectures will take place with half the class sizes,” he explained.
He added that “All final year students of educational and training institutions, which are being managed by Ministries other than the Education Ministry, are to return to school on 15th June to complete their exit examinations. Again, prior to the opening of schools and universities, the Ministry of Education, and the heads of public and private educational institutions, will fumigate and disinfect their institutions. Each student, teacher, and nonteaching staff will be provided with re-usable face masks by the Ministry of Education.”

For the avoidance of doubt, he said all other educational facilities, private and public, for non-final year students, will remain closed.

“The Minister for Education, in the coming days, will outline in detail, the specific guidelines for the safe reopening of our schools and universities”, he said.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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