Five Ways To Know If A Man Is A Virgin

Man Blamed For Trying To Use Her Girlfriend For Money Ritual After Washing Her Undie On First Visit
Man Blamed For Trying To Use Her Girlfriend For Money Ritual After Washing Her Undie On First Visit

It is very uncommon for you to know a man’s virginity through intercourse. Some say the only way you can tell if a man is a virgin is by asking him about his past sexual encounters.

Experts have revealed that there are a number of ways to truly know if a man is a virgin or not. Let take a look at five of them below.

1. Physical Relationship With Women.

A man who is a virgin has a way he behaves towards women. Using this feature, you can confidently differentiate between a man with numerous sexual encounters in the past from a man who is still a virgin. Sometimes a man who is a virgin is very shy around women and in some cases is unwilling to touch or even be friends with them. When hugged by a woman, they feel threatened and awkward not knowing how to respond.

2. Seduce Him.

If you are in a hurry to know his sexual status, ask him on a date, and push through to the bedroom. A guy who is not a virgin will immediately accept your invitation and give you the best night of your life. A virgin on the other hand will intentionally avoid anything that will lead to a sexual encounter with you. Sometimes, he will even find it difficult to look at you in the eyes during conservation. All this will point to the fact that he really is a virgin as he finds it hard to get intimate with you.

3. Ask Him Politely.

Since it is very difficult to know if your man is a virgin, reasons being there are no physical indicators as it is in the case of a woman. Find the right moment to ask your man politely. Gain his trust and he will let you in on his life as a virgin and the difficulties he faces. Make sure not to hold that against him as women preferably like men with experienced sexual life.

4. Clueless In Love Making.
When it comes to lovemaking, a man who is a virgin is almost as clueless as a woman with no sexual experience. He usually fumbles, not knowing where to touch, and even when he does, he does so clumsily and quickly.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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