Ghana’s finest female blogger, Vanessa Bless Nordzi sets record as she uses Infinix Hot 8 to write a whole book

Vanessa Bless Nordzi book
Ghana’s finest female blogger, Vanessa Bless Nordzi launches her maiden book

Beneath every cover, which is the human body, is a human heart which craves for love and attention. We must get beneath the cover that houses every human spirit and see its works; for there’s a vast potential waiting to be developed.

To envisage this, I’ve always believed that we are all born with a clean slate and that, it is what we write on that slate that’s what we execute!

No one is useless! Admit that! Given the right “environment” and the tender loving care, every viable seed will germinate, grow and bear tasty fruits and this has been the enticing story of Ghana’s finest female blogger, Vanessa Bless Nordzi.

Thus, Vanessa didn’t have one of the best typing tools, but that didn’t stop her from actualizing her dreams and desire to add her name to fictional authors of our time. She has manoeuvred her ways to type a whole book via Infinix Hot 8 and she deserves an ambassadorial deal from Infinix Mobile – pun intended.

Vanessa Bless Nordzi’s maiden book is christened “Shadow In The Dark”. For the purpose of clarity, “Shadow In The Dark is a fictional book that involves two sisters accidentally discovering a deadly family secret which brings their world to a standstill.

“They battle through saving their parents and saving the world. They don’t know if they’re to remain loyal to their family by keeping their mouths zipped. It also reveals the good, bad and the ugly of a multimillionaire family through a series of flashback and intriguing exposure”.

Regardless, Ghanaian broadcaster and MC Kafui Dey was the host at the launch and his comments after reading this amazing book are nothing but apt.

According to Kafui Dey, Shadow In The Dark is a book almost every Ghanaian should read, especially as it was being authored by a Ghanaian. He also rated it 5-Star and mentioned that he hopes the book gets into the reading list in all Ghanaian schools.

Shadow In The Dark will be available on Amazon soon for online readers but for now, interested persons should call or WhatsApp 0555661992/0549483972 and their copies will be delivered to them anywhere in Ghana.

Contact Vanessa via these social media pages Facebook @Vanessa Bless Nordzi Instagram @Bless_nessa and Twitter @VanessaThe Author.

Watch an excerpt from the launch below:

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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