Harlem Week Festival In New York features Cultural Oneness Festival

Harlem Week Festival In New York features Cultural Oneness Festival
Harlem Week Festival In New York features Cultural Oneness Festival

The 49th annual “HARLEM WEEK” was held on August 20, 2023, by The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and Harlem Tourism Board. The event was centered on the theme of “Be the Change: Hope, Joy, Love.”

HARLEM WEEK is a recurring commemoration that highlights the exceptional aspects of Harlem, with the objective of fostering awareness and appreciation for its diverse historical, cultural, and socioeconomic contributions.

This event aims to showcase the multifaceted heritage of African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, and European communities, including many domains such as arts, culture, religion, commerce, entertainment, and sports.

HARLEM WEEK originated in 1974 under the name HARLEM DAY, serving as a single-day occasion aimed at fostering support and camaraderie among residents of Harlem, as well as those from around New York City and abroad.

In light of the considerable triumph of the commemoration, further days were included to exhibit the community’s abundant economic, political, and cultural heritage.

This year’s HARLEM WEEK included The Taste Of Afrika, a Ghanaian partner, for the first time. The collaboration aimed to expand the positive impact of Harlem on the African community via the Cultural Oneness Festival.

“We are proud to continue the tradition of HARLEM WEEK, promoting our diverse history, arts, culture, and economic growth and for the first time extending our partnership to a promising socio-cultural Ghanaian/African brand, Cultural Oneness Festival which is a subsidiary of The Taste Of Afrika,” said William Tony Rodgers, President of The Harlem Tourism Board.

The Cultural Oneness Festival is an endeavor aimed at fostering cultural consciousness, domestic tourism, and the multifaceted and abundant cultural heritage of Africa and its manifestations in the diaspora.

In accordance with the established collaboration agreement between The Taste Of Afrika and the Harlem Tourism Board, an expansive event known as The Cultural Oneness Festival is scheduled to occur in Tamale from the 6th to the 9th of December in the year 2023.

The Cultural Oneness Festival is widely regarded as a prominent event held in the northern regions of Ghana, serving as a culmination of the year’s events.

Check out the pictures of Harlem Week in New York featuring the Cultural Oneness Festival:



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