Here are 5 Ways to Monetize Your Video?

    Ways to Monetize Your Video
    Ways to Monetize Your Video

    The Pandemic has hit the world hard, especially in terms of economy. But as they say, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” Over the last few months, since most of humanity is locked down at home, people have been searching for new ways to make ends meet. The work from home is the new way to operate, and most of the jobs are focusing on how to get the task done from home. Among these works, if there has been a rise for one form of content creation, which has not only managed to impact the viewers but also has given the creators to earn from their art, it is video making! 

    Even BC (Before Corona), videos were one of the most influential mediums of content creation. There are diverse reasons why so many creators or influencers are into video creations nowadays. It was reported that videos allow the makers to create better engagement and connection with their audience.

    We all have noticed, right? How the influencers or creators are making it big with their skills. But there are also several content creators who keep trying but haven’t gotten the results their efforts deserve. If you’re the video maker who is trying or are someone who was ever interested in creating videos, now is the best time to do that.

    So, here are five ways in which you can monetize your videos:

    • Youtube

    The most common option of earning from your videos is to upload it on Youtube. Since it’s the most familiar platform, it also has the most significant number of competitions, making it a little tough to make money online. To give you a number, every single day, more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched on Youtube across the globe. And every 1 minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on it. Yes, that means, since the time you started reading this article, Youtube has had over 500 hours of videos uploaded on its website.

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    But the work isn’t that tough either and needs minimum investment. To get started, create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos frequently. These videos can be anything, and you can create it using several softwares, like promo video maker, video editing softwares like VideoCreek, and many more.

    Over time, as you gain more subscribers, you can monetize your videos where Youtube can play ads on your videos. Your views will be directly proportional to your earnings, so the more people engage in your content, the more money you make.

    • Amazon Influencer

    A growing program at a rapid pace is Amazon Influencer, which allows you to make money from your YouTube videos or other social media’s videos. It guides you to expand your presence on social media and hence, earn profits from Amazon recommendations.

    After you partner with Amazon, you can recommend and review the products and influence your viewers to visit the Amazon page with the affiliated link. For every product which your customers buy, you get an additional commission of up to 8-10 %.

    But as you can guess, one needs a good followers base and presence on social media to partner with Amazon’s programs.

    • Professional Video Maker
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    If you have the skills to make quality videos or perhaps, want to learn, now will be a great time to do that. Businesses understand the importance of videos, and a lot of times, most of them are incapable of creating one on their own. Hence, they are steadily on a hunt for a great quality video maker.

    This is a great way to get paid for your skills. You can either join the company or work as a freelancer. Additionally, you can also give your services for local events. Currently, there is a massive trend of wedding videography as people like to save their precious moments, so that might be a great way to offer your expertise and earn a good paycheck for your skills.

    • Lecturer

    You already know how markets are looking to shift their bases into the work from home section. If you’re an expert in some subject, say a professional teacher, or even a student who is good at explaining the subjects to their pals, this might be an excellent way to get paid for your knowledge.

    With the rise of platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and Masterclass, you can create your channels based on your area of expertise and start teaching. The Internet has made it easier to access knowledge, so irrespective of your field, you can always pass your target audience the information and, while doing so, create connections and make money from it.

    Some of the most sought-after courses today are fitness, Video creation, Python, Creative writing, Design courses, and so much more.

    Tip – It’s always a great plan to give people a glimpse of what you will offer them, like a trailer or a promo video. It attracts your viewers and gives them an overview and confidence, which is essential in the long run.

    • Instagram
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    The rising star of social media is Instagram. Currently, they have over 500 million users, and the numbers keep multiplying every day. For brands and businesses, Instagram is a far more critical tool than Facebook or other social media. If you are a video creator, who has a presence on Instagram or is planning to do so, here are a few quintessential things to keep in mind. Instagram has the best involvement stats, so posting videos on Instagram will increase the chances of engagement from your audience and generate more clicks.

    Instagram has excellent marketing features that allow you to do paid-promotions with brands that allow them to sell their products and enable you to earn handsome bucks.

    As for creating videos on Instagram, You can use advanced software or even free Instagram video-makers to create videos and make money on your Instagram account.


    Video creation is a form of art, and it usually takes a little time (unless you can create a viral video) before you get paid for your creativity. Just keep trying and don’t lose hope if it’s not working now, because options are many, and the ones you read above are just the tip of the iceberg Over time, as you get the hang of it, you will find it is easier to create the content, and eventually, all the efforts will be paid off.