I Am 52 And I Need A Young Guy To Marry and Pay GH¢30,000.00. Monthly With These 5 Conditions

Singe Woman
Singe Woman

Hi Ghana, my name is Mariama, a beautiful and courageous lady in her late 20s. I live all alone by myself in my own house at Accra. I am an entrepreneur by profession and the Boss of a multi-million-dollar company in Accra. 


With all these luxury at my reach and comfort to boast of, there is this one enviable thing that is missing in my life and it is making my life incomplete for all the negative reasons, that is, I am missing that special person that will treat me like a queen, a flower and care for it like the gardener does to its bouquet of flowers.

I am ever ready to jump on and vibe with any man that is ever ready to tie the knot with me even if that person is not financially sound. I am willing to provide for you no matter what.

But all these provisions will come at a cost which are:

1. The man should be poor, and I mean very poor.

2. The man must be a good in bed.

3. The man should have six-packs.

4. The man should be ready to clean my house three times daily and cook in addition.

If you meet these qualifications, you are entitled to own two sports cars and a trip to Dubai once in every three (3) months. Your monthly salary is GH¢30,000.00.

Are you ready to say YES!

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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