I Gave A Beggar Alms And He Warned Me Not To Sleep At Home – Terrified Woman Shares Her Stunning Story

A Beggar
A Beggar

A woman named Shewa Moses reveals her terrifying experience with a beggar she met on her way out on 04/05/20.

She narrates her story as she is already dressed up and was about living for her working place, she was driving to work when she parks to get her self a bottle of water.

She steps out of her car walking toward a shop to get the water then a beggar passing by called her begging for money she opens her purse and gave the money to him, then she turned heading to the shop.

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The beggar called her again and say to her please don’t sleep at home today, she asks him why but he can’t say why the beggar left she went to her place of work.

Miss Shewa in her words she said;

“I will not go home today I will stop by a hotel near my home to pass the night”

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Luckily for me when I closed from work I left for a hotel nearby immediately and I pass the night there when it was day breaks I left for home to dress up for work I got home to found my house burnt down to ashes. I ask people around what happen they said around 2:00 o’clock my house caught fire and they tried their best but they were not able to quench the fire, they all thought I was in the house thinking have got burnt together with the house.

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I went on my knees to glorify my living God, for the beggar was a god sent to her.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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