“I may not return home alive from this demo…” – #FixThe Country Protesters chant

#FixThe Country
#FixThe Country

Thousands of activists have gathered in the streets of Accra in reference to the #FixTheCountry hashtag. They are marching for the goodness of mother Ghana over bad governance.

Demonstrators, as we speak, are chanting and held up signs that read: “Youths are unemployed and crying, fix the country!” or “Ghanaians are dying, Akufo-Addo wake up!

In the procession, the inscription of a young protester has gone viral as the message is so touching.

It read, “I may not return home alive from this demo. And if I don’t, Mama, remember I died fighting for the betterment of the next generation….”

And the deepness of the message has become the talk of Ghana especially among netizens as those who are not patriotic Ghanaians have been touched.

As a reminder, Ghana’s youth have been raising their voices against economic hardship in the country for several weeks via the #FixTheCountry hashtag on Twitter.

Check it out below:

Source: TheBBCghana.Com 


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