Killer Tips: Here is what to do after making your woman squirt

Having a tight and wet pussy is the dream of every Ghanaian woman – Dzifa Sweetness
Having a tight and wet pussy is the dream of every Ghanaian woman – Dzifa Sweetness

Squirting has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. That said, squirting is sometimes presented as something to achieve or an essential part of being sexually liberated. That creates a lot of unnecessary pressure!

And the good news is that Dzifa Sweetness, an experienced Ghanaian Sex coach, has educated what men really need to do after they have been able to get their woman to squirt during foreplay.

Dzifa was hosted by Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show in Bed with Adwen where she stated that a lot of men when they make their partner squirt especially with fingering or cunnilingus, tend to continue and even start to do it more intensely because they think that is how to get her to have multiple orgasms.

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The sex coach condemned this, saying that the right thing to do is rather give her vagina a break and play with other parts of her body. She went on to explain the reason behind this.

“When you lick your woman for her to squirt, you need to stop for some time because after squirting, her clit gets very sensitive just like the tip of a man’s dick gets sensitive after cumming. Mostly, when a woman squirts a lot, she gets tired so you should let the place breathe for some time”, she said.

Advising on what to do instead, Dzifa stated that, “You need to play with her breasts, suck her nipples and kiss her while playing with her nipples. Kiss her nipples, her ears, cheeks and do things that will get her in the mood again”.

Dzifa Sweetness, therefore, hinted that eye contact during foreplay is also very essential and helps to arouse the lady faster and can even make her beg for the d*ck.

For the purpose of education and clarity, squirting refers to fluid expelled from the vagina during orgasm. Not all people with vaginas squirt during orgasm, and those who do may only squirt some of the time. This type of orgasm includes a rapid ejection of urine from the bladder.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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