List Of Rich Ghanaian Celebrities Who Don’t Use An Android Phone

List Of Rich Ghanaian Celebrities Who Don't Use An Android Phone
List Of Rich Ghanaian Celebrities Who Don't Use An Android Phone

In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to separate stardom and celebrity from the use of social media because most celebrities get their gigs from patrons and fans who contact some of them directly through their social media accounts and contacts.

Facebook is a dominant social media platform that has proven to be resourceful in this regard.

Facebook is a popular social platform where people meet new people and reconnect with old ones, and where they share their daily lives with their friends by posting hints about their lifestyles.

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Regardless of how important Facebook has proven to be in the lives of celebrities, some celebrities simply do not find the platform useful.

As a result, scammers and other people, for reasons best known to them, have created several fake Facebook pages impersonating celebrities.

Below are Ghanaian celebrities who do not have a Facebook page and titles it creatively as ‘Ghanaian Celebrities Who Don’t Have An Android Phone’:

  1. Akwasi Boadi a.k.a Akrobeto
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Akwasi Boadi, better known as Akrobeto, is a Ghanaian actor, comedian, television host, and the host of Real News on United Television (UTV).

In an interview with Kantanka TV, the actor explained his absence from all social media platforms.

According to him, social media is a modern-day tool of slavery because most social media users communicate in English, pushing our native languages to the margins. He will not submit to white supremacy, which is why he is not on WhatsApp.

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2. Moesha Boduong

She is a Ghanaian model and actress. She has stated on numerous occasions that she does not use Facebook.

After a series of reports that some unscrupulous individuals had created fake Facebook accounts in her name and were defrauding fans of large sums of money, the socialite took to her Instagram account in 2017 to announce that she is no longer on Facebook.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com