Man With 49 Wives And 281 Children Dies At Age 72

Angolan Polygamist woth 641 kids
Angolan Polygamist

An Angolan named Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo has died, attracting a sizeable funeral despite the ban on the social gathering.

Tchikuteny, who was in his early 70s, died last Tuesday of prostate cancer, relatives told VOA’s Portuguese Service.

According to his family, Tchikuteny had fathered 281 children, but 125 predeceased him.  He is survived by his wives, children, grandchildren and 67 great-grandchildren.

With Tchikuteny’s death, “We lost a father,” Lumbaneny Sabalo said. He asked journalists and others to continue to visit the island, “were the greatest in Angola lived, and he will remain alive in the history of this country.”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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