My Benin Girlfriend Threatened To Lock Me In A Bottle If I Break Up With Her – Man Cries Out

Man Crying
Man Crying

A scared Nigerian boy has taken to micro blogging platform, Twitter to open up on how his girlfriend threatened to lock him in a bottle.

The boy identified as “Manlike_sammy” recounted his experience with his girlfriend who hails from Benin, Nigeria after he confronted her.

“Manlike_sammy”, said in a tweet that the lady “whom he dated while in the university” was being flirtatious and when he tried airing his grouse to her, she didn’t let him finish before she dropped a hot slap on his cheek.

He went on to reveal that the girl —who is now his ex— had at the time, also threatened to lock him in a bottle if he dares break up because of the situation.

He wrote:

“I remembered when I was dating this Benin girl back then at the university. I told her I’m not comfortable with the relationship because of the way she was flirting with other guys before I finished talking she gave me what I called a shout hard slap on my left cheek and went on to say despite her flirting she still loves me and if I dare end the relationship she will lock me inside a bottle.”

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com