Nana Agradaa Begs Rev Owusu Bempah To Save Her From Going To Jail

Nana Agradaa Begs Rev Owusu Bempah To Use His Protocols To Safe Her From Going To Jail
Nana Agradaa Begs Rev Owusu Bempah To Use His Protocols To Safe Her From Going To Jail

Popular Ghanaian scammer fetish priestess Nana Agradaa real name Patricia Asiedu has sent an SOS message to pastor Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah to intervene in her predicament following her arrest for scamming members of the public on her Thunder TV where she advertised for people in need of money to visit her shrine and patronize her ‘sika gari’ gods which can make them filthy rich.

Already, is informed that Rev Owusu Bempah has been cautioned to stay off the matter which has assumed national security status with the wide public interest. This wouldn’t be the first time Owusu Bempah is intervening in a matter involving Nana Agradaa who once donated Ghc10,000 to his Church.

Rev Owusu Bempah told his godson Rev Obofuour to end his “beef” with the Sowutuom Scammer Agradaa after the two insulted each other some time back. Rev Owusu Bempah intervened because he has a good relationship with her.

This time around, he has been warned to stay off.

Meanwhile, police are set to query the Sowutuom police command over a series of credible reports emerging that showed a “partnership” between the police there and Nana Agradaa where she scammed people and the police protected her anytime victims file reports.

Over the period of time, a lot of people have visited her and had gone home disappointed because she has allegedly scammed them of the little money they had.

A report has it that for so many years, hundreds and thousands of people have reported the scam to the Sowutuom Police but to date, nothing has been done about it since they believe Nana Agradaa is in bed with the Sowutum Police and pays them with the monies she takes from the unsuspecting public who visit her shrine.

It is believed also that some people who fall into the hands of Nana Agradaa fail to report the matter to the police because they fear getting humiliated or too shy to speak out.

One person who has visited Nana Agradaaa narrated his side of the story on how the self-styled fetish priestess scammed him of GHC1000.

According to him, he saw the advert of the priestess saying all that those interested should do is just to come along with GHC1000 which he gathered and took to her.

Upon his arrival at the shrine, Nana Agradaa requested for the money which he presented to her but after taking the money, she requested that he brings an additional GHC15,000 for her to pray over that money adding that failure to that would mean death.

Realizing that he has been scammed, he demanded his GHC1000 only for Nana Agradaa’s macho men to pounce on him and throw him out after receiving some beatings from them.

He continued that after he was thrown out, he saw some others who have also been scammed outside but they were scared to talk because she has allegedly threatened them with death.

Checks at the Sowutuom Police by the source indicated that a lot of reports has been made against Nana Agradaa but the Police don’t act on it because they have been compromised by her.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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