NPP ‘1 Village, 1 Dam’ Is Not Serving The Purpose As Said To Ghanaians – John Mahama

John Mahama
John Mahama

Former President of Ghana and the presidential candidate of National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has disclosed that the dams dug under the NPP One Village, One Dam policy are not serving the purpose of irrigation but just a way for cattle to drink from.

Mr Mahama revealed it in an interview on Wa-based Radio as part of his tour of the Upper West region.

According to him, the purpose at which these “dams” were dug are not coming to reality and it looks bad.

He said “have you seen those dams? If five cows drink from one dam for one month the water will finish. Most of the dams that were been constructed ones the rains stopped, they’ve all been washed away. I mean I don’t know who planned those dams but it’s a monumental waste of taxpayer’s money.

Let them take a look at Ghana Social Opportunities Programme, the dams we built under that program, those are dams that can be used for dry season farming. I mean this one village, one dam you can’t use it for anything. You use it for only cattle watering. They are actually not dams, they are dugouts and nobody can use it for any irrigation”.

Mahama said when he is re-elected to power as the president of Ghana, he will rename the Agric Ministry to the Ministry of Food and Agribusiness because currently, agriculture is a business and not a way of life.

“I said it’s good to encourage production but after the production what do you do with the product so that’s why we will rename the Ministry to Ministry of Food and Agribusiness because agriculture is now a business and not a way of life.”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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