SAD News as Tuo Zaafi Seller Caught Stirring Soup With Broom In Dirty Environment

A distressing video of a lady cooking food for sale has surfaced on the internet, causing quite a commotion among viewers.

Do you know how certain foods bought outside are made? Many people have wondered how certain vendors make certain foods, but most people don’t pay much attention to the question and move on.

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A lot of people say that the only food that is healthy for you to eat without having to think about it is food that has been cooked or made at home. A video that has been shared on the internet shows that roadside food is not good for you.

A video of a food seller stirring soup with a broom has gone viral. She was also making Tuo Zaafi for commercial sale at the time.

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This word comes from the Hausa language. It’s also known as T.Z. T.Z. is a staple food in the northern parts of Ghana. It is very soft and less sticky than other local foods, like banku, fufu, and yam. It is made by cooking corn dough and adding a little cassava.

The vendor who was making the food for business was seen stirring the soup with a broom.

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