SPOTLIGHT: Meet the 25-year-old lady who quit her paying job to run her own law firm

    Passcara Mthembu
    Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu , CEO of Passcara and Partners Incorporated

    While many people at her age are still not very certain about their career path, 25-year-old Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu has already established her own law firm.

    From completing her law degree to establishing a law firm, Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu has no regrets.

    Prior to starting her own law firm, she had to take the bold step of quitting her job to start her own business. She wanted to become her own boss.

    At 25, Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu is the founder and director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated. In spite of widespread perceptions about law as a formidable beast, she forged ahead with her dream.

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    She is the epitome of ambition. According to, Passcara Mthembu recently disclosed that her difficulty with starting her own business was her age.

    ”I took it as a challenge upon myself to do it. I then decided that no matter what people say I’m going to do this,” she says adding that she overcame many challenges. Despite the early setbacks from the point where she started her degree to where she is now, she said she doesn’t ‘‘regret anything…”

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    In a recent tweet, Mthembu noted that she’s the Founder and Director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated.

    ”Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu and I am the Founder and Director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated. I am a 25-year-old and the owner of this Law Firm. I am to Inspire. If I did it then so can you,” she said.

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    Read her post below: