Video: ‘Any man who licks a lady’s honeypot is a f00l and won’t progress in life’ – Lady says

Lady on licking
Lady on licking

It has been common practice in recent years for couples to use their mouths to stimulate the genitals or other parts of their partner’s genital region.

A necessity for having satisfying sexual relations in the opinion of many people.

In any case, a woman known on Tik Tok as @evapromse1 is not a lover of oral sex and has warned males to refrain from engaging in the practice.

Men who lick the ‘honeypot’ of women, according to the woman, are stupid, and any guy who participates in such behavior during intercourse is damaging his destiny, she said.

It is her recommendation that males refrain from licking the ‘honeypot’ of women, since doing so does not imply that one is a good bed partner.

“Men who are able to lick ladies ‘honeypot’ and are hailed for being a man are fooling themselves. It’s stupidity. You are destroying your future. Stop the fooling else tomorrow you will blame someone for your downfall.”


Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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