Video: “Men who wear jeans are promoting anti-Christ” – Female pastor reveals

Men who wear jeans are promoting anti-Christ”
Men who wear jeans are promoting anti-Christ” - Female Pastor

A female pastor has come out to make a statement on men wearing jeans. According to her, jeans are a tool of the anti-christ.

Therefore, men who wear it are indirectly promoting the agenda of anti-christ. She is hence calling on men to stop wearing jeans.

“Let me tell you something about jeans, especially you brothers. You see, in the kingdom of darkness, I was raised to the highest level of the kingdom of darkness — executive member. We sit in a meeting, face to face with Lucifer before Jesus Christ arrested me. So that time we were holding meetings regularly. We do meetings in Russia, California, in the 999 realms”, said.

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She continued: “So there was a day we were holding a meeting in 999 realms and one of the agents raised this that ‘how do we gather people into the kingdom of anti-Christ, how do we control their hearts?’. And let me tell you, the real name of JEANS is ‘Global Uniform of Anti-Christ‘. So if you put on jeans, you are promoting antichrist to come. Do you understand?

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