Video: Pastor imitates Jesus Christ as he descends from the sky into church

pastor descending from the sky into church
Video of pastor descending from the sky into church causes confusion

A Preacher man has causes stirs on social media as he is seen descending from the skies of the church auditorium.

The video sighted online saw the pastor dropping from the roofing area with the help of invisible ropes from which he was hanging.

It is yet to be known why he decided to make such a grand entry but one thing is for sure that the congregants would be awed by the move.

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It’s unclear whether the pastor was demonstrating the second coming of Jesus Christ or it’s with a different intention.

Some congregants were hearing his voice and wondering where he is speaking from while others were gasping at his descending into the auditorium

Watch the video below;

 Source: TheBBCghana.Com