Video: “Stonebwoy should bring back OV else depression would kill her” – Ruthy pleads 

Stonebwoy should bring back OV
Stonebwoy should bring back OV

Songstress Okailey Verse (OV) was full of life and comes off as a very happy person perhaps which is why Stonebwoy inked a deal with her after MTN Hitmaker Season 7.

During her stint with Stonebwoy, Songstress OV serve Ghanaian with real music like ‘Want Me’, but life took a different turn for OV somewhere in February 2020.

Thus, in February 2020, Stonebwoy confirmed to the media that he has ‘released’ OV from his record label, Burniton Music Group (BMG) shortly after Kelvynboy exited.

Since parting ways with Burniton Music Group, OV is conspicuously missing in action until recently her video popped up. From the video, one won’t be far from right to conclude that the singer is unwell as she looks unrecognizable and depressed.

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It’s at the back of the current state of OV that Ruthy of Nhyira Fm has begged Stonebwoy to accept back OV to his label before the unexpected happens.

Taking to Facebook, Ruthy said, “Ooh too bad to see OV in her current state.. Has she ended her music career?

“In fact, Mr. Livingston Este Setakple aka Stonebwoy shouldn’t have parted ways with the then fast-rising star”! Stonebwoy ended or terminated the contract of OV and left her to her fate…

“Barely 2months ago, I quizzed about her whereabouts and few days afterwards, “Kelvyn boy on Sammy flex show answered me by saying she’s under rebranding, is this the rebranding” he was talking about?

“Jesus Christ; I think it’s never too late for Stonebwoy to bring her back under his label to refine” her into the OV we knew that gave us some instants hits such as “want me, zaddy” after mTn Hitmaker .. to avoid any “#HadIKnown” in the future, Stonebwoy should please reconsider his decision for not signing any artist under his label and reach out to OV before “depression finally kills her!!

My Plea.

#Ruthy Writes


 Source: TheBBCghana.Com