Video: Wendy Shay removes her dress live on Tv to prove she’s not wearing a butt pad

Wendy Shay hips
Wendy Shay removes her dress live on TV to prove she’s not wearing a butt-pad

Wendy Addo whos is better known as Wendy Shay flaunts her ‘assets’ live on TV to prove she’s not wearing a butt-pad.

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Don’t forget, Wendy Shay has a reputation for flaunting her backside in videos when she twerks.

This occurred when the Rufftown Record’s singer got queried on what she eats to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She said;

“I mix fruits with oats. I don’t cook my oats I eat it raw; I blend it with white yoghurts so there is less fat but If I want to be satisfied I add cornflakes, That’s why my hips are curvy as such.”

When the host, Black I, asked if she sometimes wears a hip and butt pad, Wendy Shay got up to show her backside and asked Kwame Oboadie to inspect.

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Kwame Obaodie declined the offer to check the butt himself as it was all in the spirit of fun. The artiste later said: “you guys have seen enough it’s okay. You can watch but can’t touch.”

Watch the video below:

Source: TheBBCghana.Com