“Why can’t you bomb the laboratory manufacturing covid in China?” – Sam Korankye Ankrah tells US, Russia and Co

Sam Korankye Ankrah
Sam Korankye Ankrah

With the news reportage that there’s a new variant of the coronavirus pandemic which is more deadly, Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel International, Sam Korankye Ankrah has wondered why global leaders are sitting aloof without taking necessary actions to end the spread of the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed trillions of lives.

He continued that people are working tirelessly in a laboratory in China to ensure the virus spreads.

According to him, if they were able to inform the world on the genesis of the coronavirus, why can’t they look out for the laboratory behind the second wave of the virus and drop a bomb into it to end the spread of the pandemic.

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This, he believes will help save lives as well as restore the world. In a video sighted, the man of God said,

“They told us that there’s a new variant of COVID from the UK and South Africa and so most countries…are not receiving visitors from South Africa and our friends in South Africa are telling us that the death rate has escalated. It’s serious. How people are dying by this second wave called second variant or another mutation of the second virus and we also hear that it is in UK. That is why the UK is on lockdown. Now we hear the new variant is eventually or invariably also coming to Ghana because the people who are travelling from UK and then from South Africa and these places are coming with the virus.”
“Didn’t they tell us that the COVID-19 was discovered in a certain laboratory in Wuhan in China? Why can’t they go and find out which laboratory is creating this second one and then just drop a bomb and blast the laboratory and then finish it,” he said during church service.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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