Woman buys new iPhone 13 despite her husband not being able to pay their rent  

Woman buys new iPhone 13
Woman buys new iPhone 13

Isn’t it a terrible idea to owe rent and then buy an expensive smartphone like an iPhone 13 at the same time? Surely this is the worst thing a person could ever do?

Nevertheless, while her husband was considering how they would pay their rent, this Nigerian lady did just that.

An older sibling of the person whose financial situation has deteriorated published this tale on social media.

The narrator, known as Uzoma, claims that his brother has gone bankrupt due to a lack of time to resolve several business concerns.

Despite this, his wife spent thousands of naira for an iPhone 13 while he was pondering how to get the money.

Uzoma wrote; ”Rent was due, my bro was broke (business issues), his wife bought a brand new iPhone 13. I am in awe.”


Woman buys new iPhone 13

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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