Atta Ayi poisoned me in prison – Ex-convict alleges

Atta Ayi
Atta Ayi

An ex-convict, Kwame Asante, says he survived efforts to poison him while incarcerated by a prisoner serving 144 years in Ankanful Maximum Security Prison, Atta Ayi.

He claims the ‘Black Coat’ is a gang of ward commanders led by Atta Ayi in Ankaful Maximum Security Prison.

Ankaful Prison received Asante, who had spent two years of his fifteen year sentence in Koforidua Prison.

He said the ‘Black Coat’ conspired with jail guards to kill him.

“I want you to realize jail corruption. Inmates construct mansions in their hometowns. “The convicts are dealing with the jail guards and there is corruption,” he claimed.

The ex-convict alleged Atta Ayi and his ‘Black Coat’ team summoned all detainees on transfer from other prisons at the time.

He added Atta Ayi tried to introduce them into the prison’s secret operations but he rejected. He stated it was the start of his jail trials.

“A ‘Black Coat’ member invited me to sleep with him since there were no ladies there. “They began trying to kill me because I refused to give in,” he said.

“They sprayed harmful things on my bed and poisoned my food,” he claimed.

The enraged ex-convict informed the Crime Check Foundation (CCF) that Atta Ayi and his team bribed some of the cops.

The ‘Black Coat’ could not be prosecuted, he added.

“When Black Coat members transgress, they are taken to the guard room and then released. A gang filled an officer’s refrigerator with beverages, he said.

Asante alleged he had eavesdropped on the ‘Black Coat’s’ preparations for actions in jail.

Other cops tried unsuccessfully to obtain him a different sleeping area since several jail officials were in bed with the ‘Black Coat’.

After surviving the assaults, Asante stated he wants to expose unlawful jail business.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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