BREAKUP Looming: Funny Face relationship with his baby mama about to end in tears – Full GIST

Funny Face baby mama
How Funny Face speaks to me is like toilet – Baby Mama speaks

Out of nowhere yesterday, actor and comedian Funny Face came out to jab his fellow actors Kalybos, Bismark the Joke and Lilwin.

Funny Face in the video said if he does not talk, he may not live to raise his children, hence, the reason for his anger and outcry.

Funny Face also alleged in his video that he allowed Kalybos to chop his woman when he told him that he was interested in her. We can’t tell which of his women he was referring to as he didn’t specify.

However, new development is pointing to the fact that Funny Face has a problem with his new baby mama, mother of his twins (Ella and Bella).

Controversial Blogger, Chris Vincent Agyapong who claims he had a conversation with Funny Face on all new issues arising revealed this via his Facebook handle.

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Chris Vincent wrote: SHOCKING: “I just had a long conversation with Funny Face on a very sad developing story involving his current baby mother—I’ve advised him to ignore some things! Sometimes your own woman can drag you down—all guys need to learn.”

We are wondering if Funny Face is beefing Kalybos, Lilwin, and Bismark the Joke because of his new baby mama.

However, we’ll keep our fingers clenched to see what unfolds. More so, it’ll interest you to know that Funny Face suffered a distasteful marriage with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim.

Their marriage ended on a very bad note after staying as husband and wife for two years – from 2014-2016.

Blogger Chris Vincent


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