Check Out The List of Mobile Money Fraudsters Who Deceive People On Television Stations In Ghana

Fraudster On TV
Fraudster On TV

It saddens me to at times tune my television set across over twenty (20) channels on my satellite television set only to be exposed to a gang of fraudsters or to say scammers coming in after another with tricks that seem clairvoyant to anyone who seeks to amass wealth overnight.

It will interest you to know that thee group of people has for the last two (2) years advance in their strategies and tricks which will be very difficult to figure out since Ghana Media Commission seems not to care about the menace that is actually going on.

My biggest fear is the future generation that has been exposed to this and trend on our televisions nations that aim at nothing but earning profits.

Television managers and owners no longer care about the impact of what they show on their television screens, and they no longer aims at educating, and inform.

My humble submission is even if they seek to entertain by giving chance to some of these fraudsters to dominate our national televisions with their new tricks and appearance, is this form of entertaining worth entertaining.

Their appearance onset would make you laugh to break your ribs since they seem to disguise their identity by painting their faces with colours, wearing shades or covering their heads with a cloth that makes them unexposed.

I wish Anas Aremeyaw Anas will read this and make attempt on menace like this and not to drag poor herbalist on their stomach for giving them to the mercy of Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) which is even corrupt according to my information gathered from herbalist who tried to register their drugs.

The hustle and money one needs to pay in order to see his or her herbal drugs registered you have no idea about.

The Future Looks Scary

For a month now, I have observed one woman who calls herself ‘Indian woman’ flaunting herself on national television and it is on this worry that I started my attempts to call one after the other send a small amount of money to them only to clear my doubts.

After numerous attempts, the money I sent to this list of fraudsters who parades them on national television resulted in receiving insults at the end.

The list includes:

1. Wave Money Transfer

2. Speed Money Transfer

3. Nana Tongolanjo

4. Way Money Transfer

5. Nana Boame (he is Nana Tongolanjo but comes in with a painted face)

6. Loading Remit Money

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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