China will recolonize Ghana by 2050 – Tengol, CEO of The Taste of Afrika

Tengol K Kplamami, CEO of The Tasteof Afrika
Tengol K Kplamami, CEO of The Tasteof Afrika

If your memory serves you well, seasoned actor David Dontoh in chit-chat with AJ Sarpong of Citi Fm asserted that the country called Ghana is bound for recolonisation if the citizens continue to neglect their culture.

Now, it looks like David Dontoh’s proclamation is bound to happen taking into consideration the fact that some other people who have Ghana at heart are having the same instinct. Tengol K Kplemani, the CEO of The Taste of Afrika, has also posited that China will recolonise Ghana.

Taking to social media specifically Facebook to make the world privy to his vision, Tengol stated that the recolonisation will happen in the month of August 2050. Per the dictate of the post, Ghanaians for reason best known to them have neglected virtually all their cultures especially their respective local languages.

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To his best knowledge and observation, Chinese are gradually penetrating with their language and culture to the extent that the walls of our presidential house (Jubilee House) are designed and written in Chinese.

However, he sounded optimistic that all is not lost as Ghanaians can rectify the anomalies by doing the needful going forward perhaps by making use of our cultures especially making our local languages compulsory in our schools at all levels.

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China will recolonize Ghana
China will recolonize Ghana by 2050 – CEO of The Taste of Afrika


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