Cute lady loses her job as waitress for bleaching her skin

Cute lady loses her job as waitress for bleaching her skin

A woman has reportedly been fired from her work for bleaching her skin which makes customers uncomfortable.

The employer identified as @Ikotsharon took to a popular micro blogging site, Twitter to make this known.

The boss of the company indicated that she had to let the woman go because she couldn’t allow her to serve customers with such dark knuckles which makes customers uncomfortable.

According to her, the management decided to move the woman to another department so she wouldn’t have to interact with customers but she refused.

She however stated that they gave her another option to wear gloves because customers were constantly complaining that her skin made her look dirty but she also declined hence they had to fire her.

In her words, “So a lady got fired today cus she bleached so bad her knuckles were dark while her body was white. She obviously can’t serve guests with those hands so we had to let her go.

I am not against bleaching your skin but just do it right.

We do not discriminate staff with conditions of any sort. We offered to move her out of the floor due to complaints of her looking untidy, she decline. Gloves was an option too for her.

We run medical checkups on all staff and find best ways to manage them with us.”


CEO fires woman
CEO fires woman


Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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