Documentary: All that you need to know about Atwea Mountains

Atwea Mountains
Atwea Mountains

The reasons why Africans are the most religious people in the world are not far-fetched. Africans go through religious indoctrination from cradle to grave. Africans are not allowed by family, society and the state to think, reason or live outside the religious box. In Africa religion is by force, not by choice.

Riding on the above, it’s no surprise that John Samuel Mbiti, who was a Kenyan-born Christian philosopher and writer once postulated that African people are “notoriously religious and religion permeates into all the departments of life so that it is not easy or possible to isolate it.”

It’s at the back of the religiosity of the people of Africa especially Ghana that members of Christian Today Tv thought it wise to travel to Atwea Mountains basically to unravel some of the mysteries behind the most popular sacred place in Ghana.

As a reminder, The Atwea mountain is a unique mountain, famous for its attraction of Christian pilgrims, who regularly visit the township of Atwea in a bid to ascend to the peak of the mountain to hold prayers and conventions.

Atwea Mountain is located in Atwea in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region and admittedly one of the most famous mountains in Ghana for religious reasons.

According to historians, the act began so many decades ago when one local Methodist pastor in Atwea named Abraham Osei-Assibey climb the Atwea Bour (Atwea Stone) to go and pray to the Lord.

After spending a few days up on the mountain praying, he returns to the town and regularly took his fellowship to the mountain top to go and pray with him and when the news went viral Christains bought into the idea.

Enough, watch the documentary below courtesy by Christians Today Tv hosted by Agya Adubofour.



Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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