KNUST girl seen sitting in a river chanting on campus for 6hrs speaks

KNUST girl chanting
KNUST girl chanting

Her uncommon move on Thursday, April 28, 2022, scared students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology (KNUST).

A lady in blue overalls sitting calmly in the Bibini River was seen in a popular video on Facebook. According to sources, this mystery concert lasted 6 hours.

Students assumed she was conducting a ceremony in the river, causing panic. The institution acknowledged her status as a student but ruled out any spiritual aspect.

On Twitter, the Voice of KNUST claimed the student’s activity “is not to intimidate any student but is part of a postgraduate project”.

The student in question has responded to the brouhaha after emerging from the river.


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She is reported to have said she was working with her colleagues and being in the water as part of the project was the part she chose to act out and she did it with joy.

“Good Evening KNUST, here’s the girl who was sitting inside the River after the artwork. She said it was the part she chose to do. Fear not.

It was spread across the university that the student was probably in the river to perform sacrifices to the gods which could have dire repercussions on the students.

But, there you have it! – It was all for a grade.

KNUST girl


Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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