Female student of Amass SHS is in trouble because of her ATOPA video – WATCH

Amass SHS
Amass SHS

A video has been going viral on Telegram and various WhatsApp platforms about a senior high school female student engaging in an s3xual tryst.

The young lady who is quite popular on TikTok uses the name @AbenaHarriet0 and it’s believed that one of her friends leaked the video.

When you take a critical look at the video you can determine that she self-recorded the video perhaps to see how good she is after her each escapade.

It’s quite sad how these high school students keep engaging in shenanigans making it seem as if teaching and learning are no longer a priority in schools.

A few months ago, a sex tape of a student from Ho technical school found its way on the internet.

From some audios we intercepted, it’s been alleged that the young lady in question has been suspended from the school after the video went viral.

Anyway, due to our policy against nudity, we couldn’t share the video here.

However, to watch the full video head over to Telegram and catch a glimpse of it. Click HERE to watch.



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