Don’t Say “You’re welcome” When Someone Says “Thank you.” See Better Reply


    English is really wide and diversified. That is, it has great diversity. A lot of words have been used wrongly in the English world.

    At the same time, one word can have many other synonyms like for example, happy with other words like delirious, elated, invigorating, etc meaning the same thing as happy.

    Some other errors could be asking people “how was your night?” In some countries, this is an offensive question. Instead, you ask “did you sleep well?” And “I’m not hearing you” while on phone. Instead use, “I can’t hear you.”

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    When someone says “thank you” the common reply has always been “you are welcome.”

    This reply is overrated, overused and can be better. There are other replies that can follow after “Thank you” and i will show them to you in this article.

    When someone says, “Thank you”

    Depending on the age and type of relationship you can reply with

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    1. You are very welcome: Can be used instead of you are welcome. Used for. colleagues, older people, mentors, bosses, etc.

    2. No thanks: This is informal for your peers or younger folks to you.

    3. My pleasure: This is mostly used for colleagues or strangers.

    4. I’m glad i could help: Depending on what you did, it could be I’m glad i made you smile or I’m glad i could help.

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