EC’s Boss; Jean Mensa Runs To Jesus Christ To Avert This

Jean Mensa’s Comportment Has Been Extraordinary – Prof. Stephen Adei
Jean Mensa’s Comportment Has Been Extraordinary – Prof. Stephen Adei

The Chairperson for Electoral Commission (EC) Madam Jean Mensa has promised Ghanaians a peaceful election in 2020.

According to her, she believes God will be with Ghana in every step of the way to ensure that the election is violent free, free and fair.

Apart from being violent free, the Electoral Commission Chairperson says it will be one of the country’s timely elections as the Commission puts in place systems to ensure that this is achieved.

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She said, “As the Chairperson of the Commission, I declare in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God that the 2020 Elections shall be peaceful, violent free, glorious, timely, orderly, wonderful, excellent victorious and successful so help us, God”.

Ghana goes to the polls on December 7 to elect a President and Members of Parliament for the various constituencies across the country.

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This year, 12 aspirants have been cleared to contest the Presidential race. However, what makes the election unique is the fact the two leading political parties have presented candidates who have been in office and understand.

Ghanaians are going to vote based on the track records of the two leaders when they were given the mandate to govern the country.

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com